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108-6 Earth Henna


Pulled from the richness and warmth of nature, Earth Henna is the perfect backdrop to provide colour to your spaces. Utilizing this hue allows for any and all nature-inspired elements of your home to take center stage. Pairing beautifully with various materials, which provides so much room for any space to feel uniquely you. If you desire creating a comforting natural paradise for your space, let Earth Henna provide all you need in the New Year by adding this colour to your home in 2023.

As a colour forward and focused company, Lorama Group Inc. is a leading manufacturer in the paints and coatings industry. Through our patented SmartTint® technology Lorama Group provides its own VOC-free colourant line, ColourFal Zerø®.

Interested in achieving next years colour palette?

ColourFal Zerø® is designed to deliver optimal performance with unsurpassed compatibility, providing one of the cleanest and richest colour palettes available in the market. Interested in achieving next years colour palette? Lorama Group Inc. offers a patented ColourFal Zerø® colourant platform. Designed to deliver optimal performance with unsurpassed compatibility. ColourFal Zerø® colourant provides one of the cleanest and richest colour palettes available in the market. ColourFal Zerø® can be used to create a fully customized system tailored to your needs guided by the expertise of our team of dedicated chemists.

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Slow Life

As we experience emotional burnout after the past few years of chaos and uncertainty, adapting into a calmer day-to-day life is essential for healing and growing beyond our shared traumas. One will find within this palette delicate pastels and nurturing darks, offering a calm colour selection to work within. Allow for nature and botanicals to take the center stage within design, and remember what is truly important at the end of the day; our planet and our own well-being.


When you think of community, the old saying “it takes a village” may come to mind and in 2023 the themes of togetherness will be apparent as the world opens up at last. Lifestyles are evolving into working with our neighbors and loved ones, to create intentional communities that improve sustainability in our physical and emotional surroundings. Within this palette are colours to provide a sense of strength, and optimism for this new year of togetherness.


Traditional values have been in a process of evolution and transformation for many years now. By 2023, more individuals are beginning to are embracing the new and ensuring it is both an empowering and uplifting place for all. The Uplift palette provides all the colours to support this with brilliantly bright and dynamic hues. It is time to celebrate self-love and confidence becoming lifestyle choices to surpass the past pillars of productivity and monetization.

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