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036-4 Romantic Blue


A colour to harmoniously blend from sea to sky, Romantic Blue emerges as the quintessential hue for 2024. This intriguing blue tone, promises to prevail over the year as consumers reappraise what is most important and the quest for balance in both real and digital spaces. Reminiscent of expansive open skies, Romantic Blue will captivate individuals no matter its usage. Offering an alluring escape when used to decorate an entire room or as an accent feature. Let Romantic Blue transport you to another world, whether that place is known or otherworldly is up to you.

As a colour forward and focused company, Lorama Group Inc. is a leading manufacturer in the paints and coatings industry. Through our patented SmartTint® technology Lorama Group provides its own VOC-free colourant line, ColourFal Zerø®.

Interested in achieving next years colour palette?

ColourFal Zerø® is designed to deliver optimal performance with unsurpassed compatibility, providing one of the cleanest and richest colour palettes available in the market. Interested in achieving next years colour palette? Lorama Group Inc. offers a patented ColourFal Zerø® colourant platform. Designed to deliver optimal performance with unsurpassed compatibility. ColourFal Zerø® colourant provides one of the cleanest and richest colour palettes available in the market. ColourFal Zerø® can be used to create a fully customized system tailored to your needs guided by the expertise of our team of dedicated chemists.

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Mixed Reality

Drawing inspiration from the seamless blend of real-world familiarity with otherworldly unknowns, this trend echoes the fascination of the 1960s space race era infiltrating various facets of design. The three compelling themes; Neo Creatives, Digital Escapism, and Fluid State—serve as signalers for Mixed Reality, showcasing a spectrum that extends beyond the metaverse. It is an exploration of the dynamic interplay between reality and imagination, ushering in a new era where creativity knows no bounds.


This trend emerges as a powerful reflection of a world seeking alternative pathways towards sustainability and transformative change. Consumers have circled crisis after crisis in recent years, and now are embracing this cyclical journey as an opportunity for positive change. Circularity as a trend is forecasted to unfold through three approaches; Prioritize Livability, Low Impact, and Reappraising The Past. Circularity will be a journey towards a more sustainable and harmonious future, where communities and cities are reshaped with nature at the core.

I'm Out

In the paradigm-shifting narrative of 2024, I'm Out is a bold declaration of stepping away from conventional norms, breaking free from the confines of conformity, and adopting individuality. This trend will unfold through three approaches; Soft & Strong, Boundless, and Unleashing Within. As individuals navigate this empowering journey, 2024 becomes a canvas for self-expression, individual growth, and a celebration of resilience in the face of change.

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